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24/7 Monitoring Service

Alarm monitoring is a service Keyhole Security offers to customers who would like to be notified in the event an alarm occurs at their property. The alarm system will send a signal or signals to our monitoring station. The monitoring station knows what device was activated and follows whatever procedures you have established with regard to that device. For example, if a motion detector is activated, the police are called first, then the homeowner, then a relative. If a smoke detector is activated, the fire department is called first, then the homeowner, and then a relative. This plan is custom tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Alarm Monitoring Package For Burglary, Fire, And Medical Alarms:

Land-Line -Using your existing traditional telephone lines this is an easy and cost-effective way to monitor your alarms.

Wireless -If you don't have land-lines or you want wireless backup to your land lines, this is an easy and reliable way to cover all of your monitoring needs.

Remote Alarm Management -This feature is used with the wireless option. This allows you to access your alarm via your telephone or internet and remotely arm or disarm your system, change user codes and track who has been using the system and when.

Remote Monitoring -This feature allows you to be sent a text or email if your system has gone into alarm.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring -This is a specialised monitoring service for commercial buildings that is required by fire alarm code.

Elevator Phone Monitoring -This is a specialised monitoring service for elevator emergency call phones inside the elevator.

Monitoring Take-Over -For any existing system that was installed by another company and has been monitored by another company. We make it an easy transition to take over the monitoring and service of your system.

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