24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is a service Keyhole Security has been providing for over 30 years. This service gives you more control over what is happening at your property and how to respond in the event there is an alarm.

Residential and Commercial Alarms

Intrusion Alarm Signals – are sent to our monitoring station if an intrusion device, such as a door sensor or motion detector, is triggered. You, or anyone on you call list, as well as law enforcement are then contacted immediately.

Life Safety Alarm Signals – such as smoke detectors, CO detectors or medical panic buttons can send a different signal that notifies not only you but the Fire Department or Ambulance.

Environmental Signals – such as water leak or temperature sensors can notify just you.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

This service is required by fire alarm code and must fit within the specific fire alarm code protocols. We specialize in making sure your fire alarm system is properly monitored and tested.

Smartphone and Desktop Remote Control

Residential Control – You can have complete control over your alarm system right from your phone. For most homes, people want to be able to arm or disarm the system. Parents like getting a text letting them know their child just got home from school. From this app, you can also control door locks, lights, garage doors, as well as cameras.

Commercial Control – For commercial properties, you can manage all the user codes, set times when people are allowed to enter and disarm the system as well as get a history log of who has used the alarm system and when. You can also integrate our system with card access control and video surveillance.



Have an existing intrusion or fire alarm with another company?

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Interactive Security Systems

We offer comprehensive interactive security and automation powered by Alarm.com to electronically give you control over your own security! There are many different types of sensors available for systems such as fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, access control, and video monitoring.