Automotive Keys & Remotes

Remotes and Keys

We specialize in automotive keys and remotes for almost all cars and trucks. We can even cut and program the new proximity and high-security, laser-cut keys. Just come into our shop with your vehicle and we can provide and program new keys and remotes for your vehicle. Call ahead and check pricing and availability!

Note about car keys and remotes sold on the internet: We have tried many times to cut and program keys and remotes sold online. Sadly, the keys and remotes do not work the majority of the time. Our policy is to only cut and program keys and remotes we provide. This is the only way we can guarantee properly working keys and remotes.

Automotive Lock Servicing

Having trouble turning your key in the ignition? Have to fiddle with the door lock to get it to turn? Whether it’s the key or the lock, we can service either one for most vehicles. You can bring in the vehicle, take out the locks and bring them to us, or we can come to you.


Missing Key Replacement

Missing your automotive keys? Can’t find your ATV or motorcycle keys? We fit and program keys to most vehicles without having the original. Call ahead and make an appointment to drop off your vehicle or have us come out to you!