Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial Door Locks & Hardware

We specialize in commercial grade lock hardware for securing your business, warehouse, or school. We stock a wide variety of both architectural grade 1 and 2 locks with speciality functions for any application. Give us a call or come into our store to talk to one of our commercial hardware specialists! We install everything but the door! Don’t forget to ask about quantity discounts. 

High-Security Key Systems

We offer virtually unpickable lock cylinders to keep your property safe. Both Schlage Primus © and Medeco © have designed locks that are incredibly hard to open without the proper key. We also have restricted keyways that cannot be purchased over-the-counter and require special authorization to duplicate.

Commercial Master Key Systems

If you have a business, office building or multiple buildings, all the locks and keys can be coordinated to allow you to use one key for all locks while limiting an employee’s access to one entry door and their office. The primary benefit of a master key system is key control. With the right plan, you only have to re-key a minimal number of locks when an employee leaves the company.

Example of a Mid-Sized to Large Scale System

Note: All of our master key systems can either be set up using your existing locks or we can convert your existing locks to a Schlage Primus © key control system.

Come see our showroom today at 708 S. Wenatchee Ave. or give us a call at (509) 663-5610 to talk to a security professional!