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Commercial & Industrial Alarm Systems

Commercial business and industrial sites have individual problems they want to address. Whether it's instrusion & security, employee tracking, environmental concerns such as CO detection, water leakage and equipment temperature changes or a combination of all of them. We specialize in custom designing a system that meets your particular needs. We provide competitive prices without hidden costs and educate the end user on proper use so they feel confident in operating their system.

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    We select the very best equipment for your particular needs
    from among Honeywell, DSC and GE!

    System Features

    Touch Screen Control Smart Phone Control
    Exterior Sensors for Fences and Gates Remote Video Interface
    Exterior Motion Sensors for Parking Areas Medical Emergency Buttons
    Animal Immune Indoor Motion Detection Panic Buttons
    Glassbreak Detection Cellular Emergency Backup
    Temperature Sensors for Server Rooms and Coolers Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection
    24 HR. Professional Monitoring
    with False Alarm Prevention Via Wireless or Landline
    Receive Emails or Texts Upon Alarm, Follow user Traffic
    Full Perimeter Protection Water Leak Detection

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